Digital Suppers

Informal supper evenings in which people gather to share food and discuss the digital revolution in the broadest sense – from a billion profiles on facebook to a smartphone in every pocket.

Their purpose is to engage and empower more people inside and outside the "digital world" to understand and shape the impact of the digital revolution on all our lives – whilst having fun and food!

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Host a Digital Supper

Mixing It Up

Each supper has a mix of guests from inside and outside the digital world in order to maximise the opportunity for learning and the exchange of ideas.


Rather than the host inviting everyone, half the guests get to invite someone. This creates a richer mix and gives more people an active role in the event.

Fun and Food

Suppers can take any form from potluck to 5-course and take place anywhere from someone's home to a restaurant.

Bring Questions

These evenings are about exploration and welcoming discussion. Come with questions not answers and be open to exploring new topics and ideas.

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